Whitman 100 Greatest Modern World Coins

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100 Greatest Modern World Coins, award-winning writers Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker explore more than 100 years of the most impressive coins of the modern world. They present original research and engaging narratives for beautiful, rare, expensive, historically important, and in some cases unique, coins from points around the globe. Canada, China, Romania, Cuba, Japan, Russia, Ireland, Montenegro, Great Britain, Greece, Australia, and many other nations are in the mix. Morgan and Walker bring insight that enlightens and astounds, making connections and introducing concepts never before explored in a single volume. This is an eye-opening journey for coin collectors as well as anyone who loves history, art, economics, politics, and the thousand other points touched by modern coinage. 168 pages, hardcover, coffee-table size (10 x 12 inches), full color. Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker. ISBN:. Pub Date: 1/1/2019. Edition:. Binding: Hardcover. Size: 10x12. Pages: 168. Case: 10 .

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