About Us

Our journey began on November 7th of 2012 selling pet supplies with the opening of PetPhenom.com.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how important our pets have become a part of our daily lives. We feed them the best food we can find, teach them tricks that no one else would fall for, and go on walks when no one else will. Our pets keep us entertained when everyone else had moved on. And to say it's easy, it's not.

So, to make it worthwhile for us and pet owners like you, we made sure that you’re buying a product that we ourselves would give or try on our pets. We don’t believe in selling a toy, or collar or any product for that matter without knowing what that toy is made of or where it came from. We love our pets so much that not knowing just isn’t right!

Over the years we realized that if we can meet the needs of everyone and not just our pets, we can extend these same life lessons we learned when we started selling pet supplies that are important to us.

By bringing products into the market that enhances sustainability in our environment, healthy eating and an active lifestyle, we can change the mindset of those around us to better ourselves and the lives of our whole community. Thus, in addition to pet supplies, years of hard work and the people who believe in us - our families, friends, employees, and our valued customers, we decided to offer more products that matter to you.

We now sell thousands of other items like groceries, personal care, beauty and health-related products that you won't find at other big box stores with the opening of our website, PhenomStores.com. 

On 5/28/2018, we opened StampPhenom.com, a website that specializes in worldwide stamps by providing a resource for the avid collector who collects them with a passion for all things philatelic

We have products that everyone can afford. And, our products are priced to compete with other similar stores as we strive to provide the best price for your individual needs. Please check us out! We're here for you and we're hoping you'll keep us.

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