United States Early Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836, 5th Edition

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The publication of a new revised fifth edition of Overton's reference manual on early half dollars, renamed in 2005, United States Early Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836, by Donald L. Parsley is now available. Don Parsley, son-in-law of A1 C. Overton, has been collecting and studying early United States hald dollars for over forty years. He helped Al with the first edition of the book and has personally collected this exciting series of U.S. coinage including the Overton reference collection. Don has handled all of the coins illustrated in the book and owned most of them. The new fifth edition has photographs of all listed die marriages, The photographs are shown twice the actual coin size, and greatly assist the reader with attribution. The new edition has been printed on a white coated paper that will increase the ability to see detail on the coins. In addition, photographs are included for many of the listed die states as well. Rarities are included for every die marriage. The rarity ratings have been revised from the fourth edition to reflect new values based upon knowledge gleaned from the past nine years since publication of the fourth edition. Since the printing of the first edition in 1971, there has been an increasing trend toward die variety collecting. The early half dollars were produced from dies that, like our current mint dies, wore out due to use or poor manufacturing techniques. The early coin dies were also kept in use until they were not capable of producing coins. This resulted in dies with cracks, chips, clashes and numerous other oddities which were reflected on the finished coins. These die states are addressed under each of the prime die marriages in the book. This reference manual is the essential guide book for collectors of this series. Extending from 1794 to 1836, collectors of this series hold history in their hands. Donald L Parsley. ISBN:. Pub Date: 1/1/2014. Edition: 5th. Binding: Hardcover. Size: 5.75x8.75. Pages: 701. Case: 8 .

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