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United States Currency - 8th Edition

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Hobby legend Kenneth Bressett covers large-size, small-size, and fractional paper money in the newly revised and updated 7th edition of the Guide Book of United States Currency, one of the best-selling paper-money books of all time. A perennial favorite among hobbyists, United States Currency appeals especially to beginning and intermediate collectors, but its solid and engaging numismatic text (written by the longtime senior editor of the Guide Book of United States Coins) is valuable for established collectors and dealers as well. Features include: many upgraded full-color photographs; market values in up to seven grades; each note identified by the hobby-standard Friedberg number; historical information on every note series; advice on how to collect and store paper money; grading instructions; guidance on detecting counterfeits; and special sections on valuable varieties, uncut sheets, error notes, and more. Kenneth Bressett. ISBN: 0794847293. Pub Date: 11/15/2019. Edition: 8th. Binding: softcover. Size: 6x9. Pages: 352. Case: 24 .