Roman Coins and their Values Volume V

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Roman Coins and Their Values, Volumes V; The Christian Empire: The Later Constantinian Dynasty and the Houses of Valentinian and Theodosius and their Successors, Constantine II to Zeno, AD 337-491. This fifth volume contains a comprehensive listing of the Roman coinage of the period AD 337-491 together with background information on the history of each reign and the principal characteristic of its coinage. The catalogue is organised primarily by ruler with the issues then subdivided by denomination and by reverse legend and type. Contains clear black and white photographs and up to date values for VF and EF coins, in both UK sterling and US dollars. An excellent addition to the series, and a valuable reference for any collector of this period. David Sear. ISBN:. Pub Date: 12/1/2014. Edition: Vol V. Binding: Hardcover. Size: 6x9. Pages: 576. Case: 1 .

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