Obsolete Paper Money Volume 1

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The inaugural volume of Q. David Bowers' multiple-book Whitman Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money is an introduction to the series. Bowers describes the history of early bank notes in America, and gives guidance on collecting, grading, storing, buying, selling, and appreciating this currency. Subsequent volumes will provide historical narrative on every state, town, city, and back involved in producing notes from 1792-1866; note-by-note values in multiple grades, current rarity levels, significant auction results, and other market data based on ongoing research; full color images, and more. Bowers is the author and main series editor, with the assistance of specialist editors from state to state. Q. David Bowers. ISBN: 0794839398. Pub Date: 12/10/2014. Edition: 1st. Binding: Hardcover. Size: 8.5x11. Pages: 288. Case: 1 .

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