Lost & Found Coin Hoards and Treasures 2nd Edition

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In this book by Q. David Bowers, there are many stories about treasure from sunken ships, bank vaults and reserves, hidden compartments, buried chests and boxes, vintage safes, hiding places of pirates and privateers, old cornerstones, barrels and casks, Mint and Treasury storage, wrecked buildings, caves and crevices, ancient estates, dusty time capsules, forgotten collections, attics and basements, and other lost and hidden places. Come read along as he shines light on the most astounding, dramatic, unusual, and daydream-inspiring American coin hoards and treasures. These include colonial coins, silver dollars. boxes of gleaming gold, and bundles of antique currency. Lots treasures have already been found but there are many others waiting for you to find them. Q David Bowers. ISBN: 0794846440. Pub Date: 9/24/2019. Edition: 2nd. Binding: Hardcover. Size: 8.5x11. Pages: 512. Case: 1 .

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