Guide Book of Modern U.S. Proof Sets

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A Complete History and Price Guide. Silver and Clad Sets 1936 to Date. The 2nd edition of David W. Lange's book - now in beautiful full color - offers a definitive history of the U.S. Mint's Proof sets. They're all here, from the vintage years of 1936 to 1942, through the classic years of 1950 to 1964, the Special Mint Sets of 1965 to 1967, modern sets of 1968 to 1998, the 50 State Quarters Proof Sets starting in 1999, and others. Book 4 of the series. David Lange. ISBN: 0794828604. Pub Date: 7/14/2010. Edition: 2nd. Binding: Paperback. Size: 6 x 9. Pages: 256. Case: 12 .

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