Collecting Confederate Paper Money- Field Edition 2014, The Standard Guide to Confederate Money

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Award winning author Pierre Fricke released the new portable Confederate States paper money guide that people have asked for! This is a full color, 574 page guide that is easy to use and carry around. This book includes history, grading, rarity and values for all 70 types, all significant known varieties, all major contemporary counterfeit types, Trans-Mississippi issues, train and hoer place issued, military and civilian issuers, and CSA bonds! I've recieved input from over 200 people. This is a major update from the 2008 edition. There are several innovations present in this book, not found in any other paper money book. The regular issue and contemporary counterfeits are presented side-by-side, helping people tell the difference. Confederate type notes are valued using traditional grading as well as third party grading by CC&A, PCGS and PMG. There is a summary of both the type and variety condition census contained within. There is new information regarding the evolution of the hobby which has been quite dramatic this decade - moreso than in any time in the past with the possible exceptions of the 1880s and 1950s. Some of this includes more about how to navigate the different styles of grading - including a table mapping equivalent grades across collector-oriented, market-oriented, CC&A, PCGS and other grading services. This is a must have book for anyone with more than a couple of hundred dollars worth of Confederate paper money and bonds! Pierre Fricke. ISBN:. Pub Date: 1/9/2014. Edition: 3rd. Binding: Hardcover. Size: 6x9. Pages: 572. Case: 12 .

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