Charlton Press | Coinman To Canadian 1st Edition

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Look at 20th Century numismatics in Canada through the eyes of Jim Charlton, as Don Allen traces his history over the last seventy years. Born in 1911, in Toronto, Jim was instrumental in establishing the direction of numismatics in Canada. From the first fixed price sale in 1949, to the first Canadian Coin Catalogue in 1952, to the first Canadian Numismatic Association Auction in 1954, right through to recently receiving fifty-year citation from the American Numismatic Association, it is easy to trace the growth of Canadian numismatics. Coinman to Canadians is an account of Jim's contribution and influence on these developments. Also included is a series of appendices highlighting many historically important events in Canadian numismatics over the last fifty years. A series of photographic images lead the reader through 20th-century coin collecting in Canada. Also included are References and Further Readings; Chronology; List of Organizations; List of CNA Conventions and the cities where they were held; Selected Price Lists; CNA Prices Realized, highlights of the 1954-Auction; The Membership Role of Canada's first Teletype Circuit; Lists of Jim Charlton's Sales and Auctions; 50-year price comparison of 16 selected Canadian coins. H Don Allen. ISBN: 0889681422. Pub Date: 7/1/2001. Edition: 1st. Binding: Paperback. Size: 5.5x8.5. Pages: 200. Case: 1 .

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