Zvezda - WWII German Panzer III Flamethrower Tank (Snap Kit) 1:100

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About one hundred Panzer III models were converted for use as flamethrowers for combat in Stalingrad, but by the time the tanks were ready to go Stalingrad had already fallen. As a result, the tanks only began to be fielded in mid-1943 for the attack on Kursk, with both the 11th Panzer Division and 'Grossdeutschland' noted as having these vehicles.   The tank mounted a 14mm flamethrower and carried 1000 liters of fuel for the weapon; as it retained all-around traverse of the turret it was more useful than the fixed flamethrower mounted on the StuG.III chassis. Pieces are suitable for use with the Zvezda Art of Tactic expandable board game.

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