Trumpeter - Russian MiG-29UB Fulcrum 1:32

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Known as the Izdeliye 9.51, the new two-seat Mig-29UB conversion trainer took its first flight in April 1981. To avoid a major redesign and ensure maximum commonality, the fire control radar was deleted to contain the newly-designed cockpit and canopy. Both the trainee in the front seat and the instructor at the rear can control the aircraft completely. With the remaining IRST and HMS, the Mig-29UB can still fire its IR-homing AAMs and air-to-ground armaments. The internal cannons were retained. The Mig-29UB retained dogfighting and strike capability, and the special emulators allow pilots to train in intercept techniques. Most users of the single-seat Mig-29s have imported the Mig-29UB to train their new pilots.