Trumpeter - Russian Armored Mine-Clearing Vehicle BMR-3 1:35

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In the early days of the Afghan War, the Soviets began developing the BMR series of mine clearing vehicles. Type BMR-1 (Su-122) entered service in 1982, Type BMR-2 (T-54) in 1985, and Type BMR-3 in 1995. BMR-3 was based on the T-72 tank chassis and fitted with the KMT-7 mine roller and plow device. The drum-type mine roller could clear two channels in AT minefields 800mm wide at a speed of 12km per hour and in waters up to one meter deep with a flow of two meters per second. The vehicle is equipped with a 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun. BMR-3 was succeeded by Type BMR-3M (T-90) with ERA from 2000.