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Trumpeter - Russian 30N6E Flap Lid Radar System 1:35

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Missiles are guided by the 30N6 FLAP LID radar using command guidance with terminal semi-active radar homing. Later versions guide the missiles via command guidance/seeker-aided ground guidance (SAGG). SAGG is similar to the Patriot's TVM guidance scheme. The early 30N6 FLAP LID A can guide up to four missiles at a time at up to four targets, and can track up to 24 targets at once. The 30N6E FLAP LID B can guide up to two missiles per target at up to six targets simultaneously. Targets flying at up to Mach 2.5 can be successfully engaged or around Mach 8.5 for later models. One missile can be launched every three seconds. The mobile control center is able to manage up to twelve TELs simultaneously.