Trumpeter - Mig-29C Fulcrum 1:72

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Since the Mig-29’s beginning, the limited fuel capacity was the biggest problem of the light tactical fighter. Meeting the specified range requirements, the designers of Mikoyan developed a project to enlarge the fuselage tank. The enlarged fuselage tank made the upper fuselage contour convex instead of concave. The application of new pylons allows another two drop tanks be fitted under the wings. Fitting three drop tanks gave the fighter a ferry range of 3000km. A series of new electronic countermeasure equipment was also fitted on the aircraft and ordnance capacity increased to 3200 kg. The prototype of the Mig-29C (Izdeliye 9.13) took off for the first time on 4th May 1984. More than 400 'fatbacks' were built. 233 of them remained in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union and 155 were retained by the Ukraine.