Trumpeter - Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle 1:72

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The IL-28 Beagle tactical jet bomber was the first Soviet jet bomber to enter service in large numbers. First flown in August 1948, the IL-28 entered service with V-VS bomber squadrons in 1950 and remained in service for three decades with the Soviet Air Force and Nay. It was a fairly orthodox design with a straight wing, swept tail surfaces, and two big underwing engines. The tail turret was unusual for an aircraft this size, but was considered much more efficient than a dorsal turret. It was a successful type that was exported to over 20 countries, and also served as a reconnaissance aircraft, torpedo bomber, target tug, anti-submarine aircraft, and target drone. About 2000 were built. The last five Soviet-built IL-28’s may still be in service with Egypt.