Trumpeter - BMP-3 With ERA Tiles Fighting Vehicle 1:35

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The BMP-3 has upgraded by the vehicle with a new turret and engines. The upgraded vehicle is called the BMP-3M and the new turret includes a new automatic fire control system with a digital computer, new BZS1 gunner's sight with SAGEM thermal imager and laser illuminator,. The BMP-3M will also be able to fire ammunition types including new 100mm laser-guided projectiles, new 100mm HE-FRAG (high explosive fragmentation) rounds and new 30mm APSDS (armor-piercing discarding sabot) rounds. Additional passive armor protection is effective against 12.7mm armour-piercing rounds from a range of 50m. Explosive reactive armor is available as an option. The new uprated engine is the UTD-32, which is rated at 660hp.