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Tamiya - WWII Russian Infantry 1:48

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Adding a 4th figure set and new nationality to our popular 1/48 MM Series, this selection features Russian infantry together with tank crewmen perfect for displaying with the 1/48 Russian T34 tank to recreate Soviet Tank troop assaults. While sustaining huge losses at the onset of war, the Russian army was able to halt the German advance just short of Moscow thanks largely to the strength of their tank troops. Following concentrated artillery fire, tanks advanced in three waves with infantry riding on the tanks of the 2nd and 3rd waves. Since the Russian Ground Forces did not possess armored troop carriers like half-tracks and universal carriers, so-called Motor Rifle Units were attached to every tank brigade to provide infantry support. Once encountering an enemy's defensive position, tank riders would disembark, attack the position, and then remount to proceed with the offensive. These infantrymen spearheaded many attacks and suffered heavy casualties from defending fire.

  • High quality, detailed 1/48 figures featuring dynamic and realistic poses such as jumping off of the tank, charging and towing Maxim machine gun.
  • 1 set includes 13 Russian infantry in a variety of uniforms and 2 tank crewmen.
  • Uniforms and equipment accurately depict the late WWII era, Russian soldiers.
  • Extremely accurate molding depicts details such as the Maxim M1910 machine gun.
  • Separate plastic weapons and equipment are included for added realism.