Tamiya - Suzuya Japanese Heavy Cruiser 1:700

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30 years after its original release, Tamiya presents a complete renewal of the 1/700 scale Japanese Heavy Cruiser Suzuya. After the renewal of the Mogami and the Mikuma, Waterline fans have been eagerly awaiting this renewal of the heavy cruiser that fought with the Japanese 7th fleet in the Pacific War. This renewal features a bridge and funnel with a distinct design, separating it from the Mogami and the Mikuma. The package features all-new box art, portraying the Suzuya undergoing reconstruction at Yokosuka Port during a vivid sunset.

The Suzuya was constructed as the third light cruiser of the Mogami series. But while still under construction, the London Treaty lost its validity and the Suzuya was remodeled immediately after completion. The remodeled Suzuya was mounted with ten 20cm double guns replacing the former fifteen 15.5cm triple guns and began its new life as a heavy cruiser. At the outbreak of the Pacific War, the Suzuya participated in the capture operation of the Malay Penninsula. It also took part in the famous Midway Sea Battle together with three others of its type- the Mogami, the Mikuma and the Kumano. It was active in many other battles before finally meeting its fate during the sea battle off the Samar Island on October 25, 1944, where it erupted in flames after sustaining severe damage from enemy attack planes launched from a U.S. Escort Carrier. The Suzuya was then torpedoed and sunk by a friendly destroyer.

  • Japanese Heavy Cruiser Suzuya plastic assembly kit.
  • 1/700 scale, Overall length: 286.5mm, Overall width: 35.3mm.
  • The graceful form of the Mogami class cruiser has been accurately replicated.

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