Tamiya - Russian Tank JS-2 1944 1:35

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The Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 was built to counter the German Tiger I. The JS-2 was put into production in the latter half of WWII in December 1943 and was equipped with a powerful 122mm gun, maximum armor thickness of 120mm, and good mobility. From August 1944, the upper part of the glacis hatch was removed from the hull which greatly improved its defensive protection. The JS-2 was produced in the Chelyabinsk Kirov factory (ChKZ) and a characteristic of the tank was its one-piece rounded front hull. JS-2s were used to breakthrough defensive positions as well as in tank battles and contributed to the eventual Russian victory.

Photo-Etched Parts & Metal Barrel for Precision Details
This model comes with photo-etched parts and a metal gun barrel made by acclaimed Polish aftermarket parts manufacturer Aber®. The photo-etched parts include fine details such as engine grilles, production number on the cast turret, storage box, pistol port armor, and equipment fasteners. The aluminum gun barrel features a cast muzzle brake, providing the model with a heightened level of precision.
  • 1/35 scale JS-2 Model 1944 ChKZ plastic assembly kit model with photo-etched parts and metal gun barrel from Aber. Length: 282mm.
  • Imposing form of the tank, including the large turret with 122mm gun, is faithfully reproduced.
  • Turret and hull feature a realistic cast metal surface texture.
  • Both pre-assembled tracks and easy to assemble belt-type tracks are included.
  • 1 commander and 1 loader torso figures included.
  • Comes with 4 kinds of markings to depict tanks from the Russian, Czechoslovak, and Polish armies.

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