Tamiya - Russian Tank BT-7 Model 1935 1:35

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In 1935, the last of the Soviet cavalry tanks, the BT-7, were produced. This Russian tank incorporated features from tanks designed by the American engineer, Walter Christie. The "BT" in the name stands for "Bystrokhodny Tank" which means a fast tank. The coil spring suspension system, which was designed by Walter Christie, and the powerful engine allowed this tank to reach an on-road speed of 31mph. To enhance speed and mobility, the tracks could be removed so that the vehicle would operate on-road with only the wheels. The BT-7 featured a 47mm gun, 7.62mm DT machine gun, sloped frontal armor, and a Model M-17T (V-2 at BT-7m engine. The sloped armor was used in later tanks such as the T-34l. An estimated 4,700 BT-7 tanks were produced from 1935 to 1939. The tanks were used during the Spanish Civil War, in battles against the Japanese forces in Mongolia and on the Eastern Fronts.

  • Length: 161mm, Width: 65mm.
  • The distinct style of the tank including sloped armor on the front section and dynamic road wheels have been realistically reproduced.
  • Double-layered structure of the hull sides and the mechanically-complicated suspension feature a rich finish.
  • A tank equipped with a frame antenna can also be assembled.
  • Photo-etched parts and realistic metal towing chain included. A convenient jig to bend the parts is also included.
  • A commander and tank crew figure holding a pre-mission briefing with a map is included to provide a sense of tension. (Total 2)
  • Markings to depict BT-7 tanks seen at the Eastern front lines and in Mongolia included.(Total 5)
    The large-pitch simple tracks are reproduced as link-type assembly tracks which include one-piece straight sections. The suspension features a realistic finish.
  • Headlight lens and vision guard on the driver's hatch is made from clear parts to enhance realism.

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