Tamiya - Russian Main Battle Tank T-55A 1:35

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Production of the T-55 began in 1958 at a time of high tensions between the West and the Soviet Union. The tank was easy to produce and featured a compact hull and a dome-shaped turret equipped with a 100mm main gun. In the early 1960s, the T-55A with anti-radiation equipment was developed. T-55 and T-55A were also license-built by Czechoslovakia and Poland and some received various improvements resulting in many sub-types. T-55 production continued until the late '70s and they equipped the armies of over 40 countries. They were used in various conflicts such as the Middle-East Wars and the Gulf War.

Photo-Etched Parts & Metal Barrel for Precision Detail
This model comes with photo-etched parts and a metal gun barrel made by acclaimed Polish aftermarket parts manufacturer Aber®. The photo-etched parts include fine details such as engine grille, equipment fasteners, and commander's hatch area. The aluminum gun barrel provides the model with a heightened level of precision.

  • 1/35 scale T-55A plastic assembly kit model with photo-etched parts and metal gun barrel from Aber®.
  • Length: 259mm.
  • Accurately reproduces the tank's low-profile silhouette.
  • In addition to the T-55A from Russian and Czechoslovak Armies, T-55 and T-55A equipped with a DShk-M machine gun from Russian and Polish Armies can also be reproduced.
  • Engine grille, fuel drums, and complex road wheels have all been reproduced.
  • Comes with a commander figure and 5 marking options.

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