Tamiya - Russian KV-1B 1940 1:35

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Along with the T-34, the KV series of heavy tanks played a vital role in Soviet forces in WWII. This precision plastic model recreates the KV-1B variant, which was up-armored compared to the original KV-1, on account of fears about improved German weaponry. The bolt-fastened 25-35mm applique armor gave total armor thicknesses of 120mm on the turret front, 110mm on the turret sides and hull front, and 75-110mm on the hull sides. In combination with the imposing 76.2mm main gun and a 550hp diesel engine, this made the KV-1B (manufactured from July 1941) a daunting proposition for enemy units.
  • 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 194mm, width: 96mm.
  • The form of the up-armored turret and hull is captured exquisitely, with the numerous bolts depicted accurately.
  • The model can be assembled with the commander's hatch in an open or closed position.
  • The main gun offers elevation and depression.
  • Steel road wheels are authentically rendered in plastic.
  • 3 markings options are included; with various Russian language slogans and markings:
  • Marking Option 1: Aug. 1941, Leningrad (a suburb of Luga); Option 2: Summer, 1941; Option 3: Sept. 1941.
  • Comes with 1 standing crewman figure.

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