Tamiya - Lockheed P‐38 F/G Lightning 1:48

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  • 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Fuselage length: 240mm, wingspan: 330mm.
  • P‐38F and P‐38G variants can be built.
  • The model creates a parked aircraft when assembled and complete.
  • Features accurate depictions of early P‐38 features such as slimline engine cowlings, intercoolers in leading edges, plus the curved canopy front.
  • Weights are included in the kit to ensure the correct balance of the model when displayed.
  • The canopy can be assembled open or closed. When closed, it is a 1‐part slide‐molded piece with dedicated F and G variant parts. The hatch is shown open sideways on the P‐38F, and vertically on the P‐38G.
  • A detailed cockpit features the wheel‐type controls, radio, throttle box and more.
  • Comes with parts to recreate two each of 150‐ and 300‐gallon drop tanks.
  • Includes two marking options: “White 147” P‐38G which took part in the interception of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto on April 1943 and “White 33” P‐38F.
  • Mirror stickers are included to recreate cockpit mirror and engine cowling interior surface sections.
  • Comes with canopy masking stickers and a full‐color painting guide.