Tamiya - DDV192 Ibuki Carrier 1:700

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This is a water line model with a bit of a twist it creates the fictional aircraft carrier DDV192 Ibuki, star of "Kubo Ibuki” (Aircraft Carrier Ibuki), a Japanese language story by Kawaguchi Kaiji and Eya Osamu, serialized from December 2014 in the Shogakukan publication "Big Comic." The model commemorates 50 years of Big Comic. Events in the story occur in the year 20XX, against a backdrop of increasing territorial tensions around the Japanese archipelago, which threatens to escalate into a full-blown conflict with an attack from a foreign power in April 20XY. The Ibuki, commanded by former ace pilot Akitsu Ryota, is the largest ship of the fleet and the flagship of Escort Flotilla 5. She is an imaginary adaptation of an actual design - that of the DDH22 Izumo class helicopter destroyer and borrows her name from an uncompleted WWII ship.
  • 1/700 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 354mm, width: 72mm.
  • Detailed island has multi-part mast and bridge depictions.
  • 1-piece depiction of deck with individual catwalk parts. Center elevator can be depicted in 2 positions, even after completion of the model: flush with the deck, or slightly lowered.
  • Multi-part recreations of mast, deck-edge elevator, Sea Ram launchers, and Phalanx CIWS installations.
  • Includes ten STOVL aircraft eight parked and two with lift fans engaged ready for take-off and four helicopters (rotors deployed or folded), plus tractors, rescue vehicles, and helicopter tow dollies.

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