Tamiya - British M-3 Grant 1:35

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This Tamiya model recreates the British Army Medium Tank M3 Grant Mk I. Struggling to contain the dashing Africa-Corps led by the inimitable Rommel, British troops in North Africa were feeling the loss of the most part of their armor in the hurried evacuation from Dunkirk. A much-needed boost was provided by the appearance of the M3 Grant medium tank, a British-modified variant of the U.S. M3 Lee. While the 75mm main gun remained unaltered, a larger turret was installed for the 37mm gun, and the 7.62mm machine gun removed from its top. The M3 Grant suffered from notable problems such as limited traverse of the 75mm gun, and a conspicuously tall silhouette, but to the relief of the beleaguered British troops, its firepower proved sufficient to take on opposing Panzer IIIs and IVs, leading to the start of a British fightback in North Africa.

  • 1/35 scale model assembly kit. Length: 170mm.
  • Riveted armor panels surfaces are depicted.
  • Features moving recreations of the 75mm and 37mm guns.
  • The model can be assembled with hatches in open or closed position.
  • 2 marking options are included, depicting units from Battle of El Alamein and Battle of Gazala.
  • Comes with a figure in a realistic pose.

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