Tamiya - British E Class Destroyer 1:700

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Previously packaged together with the battlecruiser HMS Hood in ITEM 31806, naval modelers can now purchase the E Class destroyer separately. Use several kits to reproduce flotillas that took part in major naval battles or line it up with its 1/700 Waterline Series Japanese, German, and American counterparts for an impressive display of destroyers. In order to protect the vital shipping routes that spanned their vast empire, the British Navy built a large number of destroyers in the years leading up to WWII. The nine ships of the E Class, Exmouth, Echo, Eclipse, Electra, Encounter, Escapade, Escort, Esk, and Express were completed in 1934 and took part in many important naval battles throughout the war.
  • High quality 1/700 scale assembly model kit of the E Class destroyer.
  • Hull sides accurately depict portholes.
  • Features poly caps for all 4 12cm main guns and both 53.3cm quadruple torpedo launchers to allow free rotation even after assembly.

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