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Shield Nickels 1866-1883

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Dansco Coin Albums have been a longtime companion for both expert numismatists and beginning coin collectors. The Shield Nickels 1866-1883 Dansco Album comes in a 5/8" binder and holds up to 44 coins. The album has 2 Dansco pages (series: 6110-1 to 6110-2), each one holding and displaying all Shield nickels minted from 1866-1883. It is interesting to note Shield nickels were issued with two different reverse designs within the same year, 1867. On page 6110-1, there are slots for each of the designs minted that year. Shield nickels are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. They measure 20.5 mm in diameter, and each weighs 5 grams. All Shield nickels were coined at the Philadelphia Mint. Dansco Coin Albums have their pages attached with metal screws, making it easy to add and replace. Dansco#: 6110. Size: 5/8. Color: Brown. Sold Individually. Case Qty: 30 .