Roden - Vomag 8 LR LKW WWII German Heavy Truck 1:72

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The VOMAG 8LR is a German heavy truck, created in 1935 by the VOMAG automobile engineering company. In total, in the prewar years, 100 units of trucks of this type were produced, which were used in the middle of the country, first of all for the rapid dispatch of large cargoes all over the country through a branched network of autobahns. With the start of the Second World War, the VOMAG 8LR, like many other trucks, was requisitioned to the Wehrmacht, but their military service, especially in the conditions of the Soviet Union, was very short due to the complexity of the suspension design. The small number of these trucks, which was converted to equipment for equipment delivery to the troops, was used in the conditions of the Eastern Front until the middle of 1943.

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