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Roden - Arado Ar 68E 1:48

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The Arado Ar 68E is a famous Luwaffe biplane fighter adopted in 1937. The aircraft had a classic mixed biplane design of those times and good performance and in no way inferior to another well‐known Heinkel He51B aircraft, which at that time was the main fighter of the German Air Force. Ernst Udet the famous ace of World War I played a significant role in the fate of Ar 68, he headed the Luftwaffe fighter at that time and saw the prospect of a new aircraft. Serial production began in 1936 and continued for the next two years. Several aircraft of this type were deployed as part of the Condor Legion to Spain, where they were successfully used as ground support aircraft. In Luftwaffe, the operation of the Ar 68E was relatively short‐lived, as the era of new‐ generation, fighter and monoplanes were approaching. Almost all Ar 68Es in 1939 were transferred to the training units, but some were used as night fighters until the end of 1941.