Revell Monogram - Halo Unsc Pelican 1:100

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  • Features:
  • Skill Level: 1
  • Parts: 37
  • Item Details:
  • Revell UNSC Pelican is the armored air transport with a distinctive twin-bubble canopy that carries troops and vehicles into battle against the Covenant. A fully functional rear hatch opens to reveal the cargo bay of this massive combat dropship, and wings and engines rotate as seen in Halo 5: Guardians. The illuminated cockpit and engine thrusters plus takeoff and flying sounds bring the Pelican to life, while the Master Chief and Linda-058 pilot figures are poised in the cockpit for their next assignment.
  • Features:
  • Ages 8 +
  • 37 easy SnapTit pieces, no glue, paint or tools required
  • Includes 2 UNSC Spartans pilots-Master Chief and Linda 058
  • Light up cockpit and engine thrusters
  • Authentic in-game battle action sounds
  • Positionable rotating wings
  • Opening rear hatch
  • 1/100 Scale

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