Revell Germany - VW 1962 T1 SAMBA BUS 1:24

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The origin of all today's vans and vans goes back to the plate truck used in the late 1940s in the Volkswagen production in Wolfsburg for in-plant transports, which inspired the Dutch importer Ben Pon to an idea of ​​a transport vehicle. VW developed in the late 1940s, several prototypes for a large-scale and suitable for a transport vehicle. Since none of the initially desired names could be used without restriction, the new vehicle class was named Transporter. From March 8, 1950, the first-generation van was mass-produced. The car with the typical V-shaped front end and the split windscreen was available in various versions, including a minibus. The technology was based on that of the Volkswagen Type 1, the so-called beetle so that the T1 had an air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine. The performance of the reliable rear engine with 1.2 liters of displacement increased from 1961 to 34 hp. The luxury version of the minibus, the nine-seater special model, is still known as Samba Bus and spreads with oval roof windows, very comfortable seats, with a folding roof and many chrome parts an unmistakable automotive charm.
Thanks to all the movable doors, the kit allows a deep insight into the spacious interior. Corresponding to the great demand also in the USA, alternatively, the European or American version can be built.

  • Multi-part body
  • Detailed interior with dashboard and benches
  • Movable doors and tailgate
  • Movable front-wheel steering -
  • Roof optionally closed or with a collapsible folding roof to build
  • Engine simulation
  • Rotating wheels
  • European and American bumper versions
  • Chrome-plated hubcaps, door handles, windscreen wipers and chrome front emblem
  • Authentic decals with decorative stripes and various markings (D, NL, F, GB and USA)

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