Revell Germany - Viking Ship 1:50

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From the end of the 8th century, Scandinavian-born Vikings in the UK and mainland Europe regularly made their long-range raids for raids. These ocean-going, 20-meter warships had a bow in front and in the back, allowing them to enter or leave in both directions. Thanks to a shallow draft of just under 1.50 meters, the Vikings were also able to sail or row on rivers, thus invading areas deep inland. With the also known as dragons, about 20 knots fast and maneuverable warships penetrated the Vikings to Iceland, Greenland and even to North America, as settlement finds prove.
  • two-piece hull with wood grain
  • large cover parts with engraved details
  • typical dragon's head
  • 64 separate, single shields
  • anchor and 32 rudders
  • structured sail
  • mast, yard, and yarn for authentic rigging
  • two-piece base
  • comprehensive decal for all shields and the sail

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