Revell Germany - USS Constitution 1:146

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The USS Constitution was the first US Navy commissioned vessel. The ship was nicknamed Old Ironside during the War of 1812. The gunfire of the English warship HMS Guerriere bounced off the sidewalls of the Constitution as if they were made of iron rather than hardwood. The cannons of the Constitution then destroyed the Guerriere. During her entire voyages, she was never boarded by enemies. Even today, the Constitution can be visited in Boston Harbor. It lies there as a symbol of the young nation at anchor.

  • Structured hull and deck
  • 4 lifeboats
  • 24 guns
  • 2 anchors
  • Detailed bowsprit
  • One-piece shrouds
  • Sails with fabric structure
  • Detailed masts with masthead
  • Detailed Takelanleitung (simple or complete rigging possible)
  • Flag chart
  • Display stand

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