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Revell Germany - Space Shuttle Atlantis 1:144

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Developed by the US space agency NASA, the "Space Shuttle" is the world's only reusable space transport system. It consists of the Space Shuttle (Orbiter) components, three re-usable main engines, one external fuel tank and two solid rockets with a total takeoff thrust of 12.46 MN (1,270,566 kp). The space shuttle can simultaneously bring 24.5 tonnes of payload and 7 astronauts in a low Earth orbit between 200 and 650 kilometers of railway height. Since October 3, 1985, the fourth space shuttle "Atlantis" was used in 35 missions. In 2012, the shuttle program was discontinued after more than 30 years.

  • Optional landing gear
  • ESA space laboratory
  • Shaft lock
  • Space telescope
  • Transport arm (loading arm)
  • Thrust jets
  • Super decal with maintenance markings and identifiers of the space ferries Discovery, Enterprise, Endeavor and Atlantis before 1998 as well as the space ferries Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavor after 1998