Revell Germany - Pirate Ship 1:72

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Piracy still captivates people today. Who does not know them, the stories from the 16th to 18th century, when especially in the Caribbean and off the coasts of South America the lawless pirates were up to mischief. They treacherously attacked ships in search of gold, silver, and coins, only to disappear again in the darkness. Their prey brought the pirates in safe hiding places on one of the many small hidden islands. There they also found refuge from the warships of the Spaniards, British and Portuguese. The pirates had their own laws. Their distinctive mark: the "Jolly Roger", the world-famous pirate flag.

  • Typical pirate ship from the 16.-18. Century, known from current pirate movies
  • Yarn for standing and running
  • Structured sails
  • Decks with wooden structure
  • Structured fuselage halves
  • Detailed deck superstructures
  • Two anchors
  • Rowing boat
  • Artillery pieces
  • Multi-part masts with yards
  • Shrouds
  • Swan as a figurehead
  • Ornate transom
  • "Jolly Roger" flag board
  • Ornate Display stand

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