Revell Germany - North Sea Fishing Trawler :142

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From Newfoundland to Norway, the European fishing fleet operates around the clock every day, battling the elements and the relentless sea. For a three-week fishing trip, the trawler is only about a week dedicated to fishing, the remaining two weeks are needed for arrival and departure to the fishing grounds. These trawlers include electronic equipment such as navigational aids, echo sonar and an automatic school of fish alert system that displays the density of fish stocks. Trawlers of this type pull their trawls on the right side (starboard side). The crew is 19 men.

  • Detailed hull - Textured deck
  • Railing and life raft container
  • Radarmasten
  • Two mast trees
  • A lifeboat
  • Double winch on deck
  • Two figures

Authentic decals for the following version:

  • Northsea Fishing Trawler MV Ross Jackal, Great Britain, 1961

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