Revell Germany - Heinkel He219 A-O 1:32

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A challenging model construction kit of the first German combat aircraft that was designed as a night fighter from the outset. The first production aircraft was delivered in June 1943. The He219 A soon proved to be an excellent combat aircraft.
  • Finely pronounced details and recessed panel joints
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Separate landing flaps and rudder
  • Motor front ring with radiator
  • Rotatable propellers
  • Antennas for FuG 218 & 220 radar systems
Authentic representation of the following versions:
  • Heinkel He 219 V-12 (A-0), G9+FK, 1./NJG 1, Hptm. Modrow, Venlo 1944
  • Heinkel He 219 A-2, B4+AA, Nachtjagdgruppe Norwegen, Grove 1945
  • He 219 A-0, G9+FB, 1./NJG 1, Maj. Werner Streib, Venlo 1943

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