Revell Germany - Handley Page Victor K2 1:72

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Originally developed to transport nuclear and conventional weapons at subsonic speeds at high altitudes, the Handley Page Victor was part of the RAF V bomber fleet until 1968. A far more protracted role was given to her as a tanker with active operations in 2 wars. Aerial refueling played a significant role in the 1991 RAF tornado operations during the Gulf War in 1991. The Victor K Mk2 tanker aircraft played a significant role in fueling the tornadoes and filled the desert air with their swan song. Designed according to an RAF specification as a strategic bomber, the prototype flew in 1952 and was used as a series from 1956 at the RAF Bomber Command. With larger and more thrust engines, the B2 version could carry nuclear or conventional bombing up to 15 T. From 1965, the conversion to tanker aircraft. The wing, fuselage and bomb bay tanks hold a total of 57,607 kg of fuel. Engine: four Rolls Royce Conway 201 turbofans, each with 9,344 kp thrust, speed: 1,040 km / h in 12,190 m altitude, crew: 6 man.

  • Structured surfaces
  • Cockpit with pilot figures
  • Two wing tanks
  • Chassis optional extended or retracted - Cockpit
  • door either open or closed
  • Two refueling tanks under the wings
  • Three refueling
  • probes - Rear
  • air brake optionally retracted or extended - Separate air brake flaps
  • Entry ladder

Authentic decals for the following versions :

  • Handley Page Victor K2, No.55 Squadron, RAF Marham, UK, operation Desert Storm, 1991
  • Handley Page Victor K2, No.57 Squadron, RAF Marham, 1983

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