Revell Germany - F/A-18C Hornet 1:72

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The carrier-supported all-weather fighter aircraft F / A-18 was developed on behalf of the US Navy and the Marine Corps for the aircraft carriers of the Nimitz class. It was to be able to combat air, sea and land targets at a great distance. On September 3, 1986, the flight testing of the improved version F / A-18C began. Since 1986, the F / A-18 was at all involved in major US military operations. Tasks include securing air superiority, reconnaissance, airspace surveillance, and air-to-ground attacks.

  • Structured surfaces
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Optional two thruster versions
  • Detailed chassis
  • Chassis optionally extended or retracted
  • Antennas
  • Cockpit cover optional open
  • 2 Sidewinder guided weapons
  • 2 additional tanks

Authentic decals for the following version:

  • F / A-18C Hornet, VFA-151, USS Abraham Lincoln, Lemoore NAS, 2007

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