Revell Germany - F-4G Phantom U.S.A.F. 1:32

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The legendary Phantom F-4 was for many years a reliable fighter-interceptor and fulfilled a wide variety of roles. The F-4G was the last version of the F-4 to see service in the USAF and was equipped with special guided weapons to combat enemy radar systems. The F-4G played a key role in Operation Desert Storm
  • F-4G Nose
  • Detailed surfaces with recessed structuring
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Detailed ejection seat
  • Faithfully reproduced F-4G instrument panel
  • Detailed rudder and elevators
  • Detailed under-carriage with tires in the stationary position
  • A choice of extended or retracted under-carriage
  • A choice of extended or retracted air brakes
  • Pylons for external loads
  • Ventral fuselage fuel tank
  • Two wing-mounted fuel tanks
  • Two AIM-7E Sparrow guided missiles
  • Four AIM-120 guided missiles
  • One ECM Pod
  • One AGM-45 Shrike guided missile
  • One AGM-78 guided missile
Authentic representation of the following versions:
  • F-4G, 69-7558, 480th TFS, 52nd TFW, RAF Mildenhall, May 1987
  • F-4G, 69-0237, 563rd TFS, 37th TFW, George AFB, California 1982

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