Revell Germany - F-16C Solo Turk 1:72

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The F-16 is one of NATO's most successful and versatile fighters and has a wide range of uses. Permanent developments have created ever greater opportunities for use. The F-16C Block 50/52 is equipped with the powerful F110-G-229 engine (13,420 kp thrust) and has an electronic target search system. In 2011, the Turkish Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary and initiated a special paint job on an F-16C. Famous pilots such as Major Murat Keles and Captain Faith Batmaz flew the Solo Türk F-16C on numerous airshows.

  • Recessed lap joints
  • Detailed cockpit and ejection seat
  • Pilot's figure
  • Detailed landing gear
  • C-tailplane
  • Large air inlet
  • GE-229 engine nozzle
  • 2 HARM missiles
  • ECM sturgeon tanks
  • pylons
  • AIM-120 missiles
  • Center and wing tanks
  • Super decal of F -16C Special painting Solo Türk

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