Revell Germany - Bmw Z1 1:24

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The Z1 was created in 1986 as a research vehicle and was not originally intended for mass production. However, the experimental vehicle was so convincing that the open two-seater should then run off the conveyor belt in large numbers. In 1987, at the IAA in Frankfurt, the Roadster sparked almost exuberant enthusiasm. From July 1989, the former test car ran off the line. In addition to his lines fell, in particular, the retractable doors on the extraordinary sports car. The Z1 had a 6-cylinder engine with 2494 cc displacement, which provided 170 hp and allowed a top speed of 225 km / h. Due to necessary, but expensive handwork until June 1991, only a total of 8000 pieces were made. The success of the Z1 made the car a pioneer of a real roadster wave.

  • Detailed body with fine surface structures
  • Movable bonnet
  • Detailed interior with dashboard and 2 bucket seats
  • Multi-piece engine
  • Separate exhaust system
  • Retractable side panels
  • Tailgate either movable or closed to build
  • True to original decals

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