Revell Germany - Battleship Bismark 1:700

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The Bismarck was next to the Tirpitz the largest battleship in World War II. The 251 m longship was put into service on 24.08.1940. After completing the training trips, she took part in the company Rheinübung. She sank on 24.05.1941 in a naval battle off Greenland, the British battlecruiser HMS Hood. Then the Bismarck, damaged at the bow, headed for a French port. In pursuit of British ships and aircraft, the ship was shot incapacitated on 27.05.1941 and sank in the Atlantic. Finely structured components with rivets and countersunk sheet metal joints authentically reproduce this imposing battleship. Other features of the kit include the mobile turrets, with individual moving tubes.

Model details:

  • New kit form
  • Detailed hull & propulsion system
  • Decks with plank structure
  • Turrets with single moving tubes
  • Filigree masts
  • 18 dinghies
  • 2 Arado 196 seaplanes
  • 2 detailed cranes with outriggers
  • Display stand
  • 2 painting variants: Winter 1940/41 / March 1941

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