Revell Germany - B-17F Memphis Belle 1:72

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During the Second World War, the Boeing B-17 became a synonym for the heavily armed strategic bomber. The Boeing B-17F was also the first Flying Fortress to be manufactured using mass production techniques. The most famous aircraft in this series was a B-17F which was delivered on 15th July 1942 and entered service with the 324th Bomber Squadron in England. Her crew named her the Memphis Belle after the girl-friend of her pilot, Lt. Robert K. Morgan. She became famous due to the fact that she was officially recognized as the first U.S. Army Air Force bomber to survive 25 missions in Europe and subsequently became the star of a propaganda film made in Hollywood. After this mission, the Memphis Belle and her crew were ordered to return to the United States. She was later bought by the city of Memphis and used as an Open Air Memorial. In all, a total of 12,677 B-17's were built.
  • Detailed Surfaces with Recessed Panel Joints
  • Detailed cockpit including Consoles and Instrument Panel
  • Individual Seats
  • Bomb-bay Racks including Loading Points
  • 4 Bombs
  • Bomb-Sight and Nose Seat
  • Detailed Radio Operator / Navigator's position with fittings
  • Side window options for inclusion of a Machine Gun Position
  • Rotating MG turret
  • Detailed Upper Gun-Turret
  • Clear plastic parts for the B-17's front and upper middle-level MG's
  • Tail-end MG
  • Separate Rudder
  • Wing Flaps to mount in either the deployed or retracted position
  • 4 Detailed Radial Engines with Exhaust Ring
  • Coolant Rings may be positioned open or closed
  • Imitation Turbocharger
  • Separate Air Intake Ducts
  • Separate elevator's and aileron's
  • Detailed Landing Gear
Decal Sets for 2 USAAF versions:
  • B-17F-10-BO, serial 41-24485, DF-A, Mephis Belle, 8th Air Force, 91st Bomb Group, 324rd Bomb Squadron, Bassingbourn, UK, May 1943
  • B-17F-10-BO, serial 42-29591, LL-Z, The Shamrock Special , 8th Air Force, 91st Bomb Group, 401st Bomb Squadron, Bassingbourn, UK, October 1943

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