Revell Germany - Airbus A400M Luftwaffe 1:72

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A replica model of the A400M, a completely newly developed cargo and transport aircraft that meet the future requirements of many air forces.
  • Fuselage with recessed panel joints
  • Detailed cockpit with seats and instrument panel
  • Cargo hold with structured flooring
  • Detailed main under-carriage area
  • A choice of 2 propeller positions: flight or stationary
  • The rear ramp may be mounted in the open or closed position
Authentic representation of the following versions:
  • Airbus A400M, 54+03 60 Jahre Luftwaffe, LTG 62, Wunstorf, Juni 2016
  • Airbus A400M, 0014, F-RBAF Ville de Colmar, ET 1/61, Olréans-Bricy 2017

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