Paper Money of the United States, 21st Edition, Paperback

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Large Size Notes Small Size Notes Fractional Currency Colonial & Continental Currency Treasury Notes of the War of 1812 Confederate States of America Error Notes Uncut Sheets Encased Postage Stamps Postage Envelopes Paper money mules Prices in up to 7 conditions The universally-used Friedberg Numbering System.� The standard method for describing U.S. currency Full listing of note-issuing National Banks with amount of notes known Directory of paper money dealers Complete signature listings for U.S. currency 900+ photos 328 pages Printed in the U.S.A. Freidberg. ISBN: 0871845214. Pub Date: 9/1/2017. Edition: 21st. Binding: Paperback. Size: 8.5x11. Pages: 328. Case: 6 .

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