Lighthouse | Phonescope 60x Phone Magnifier

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Turns your smartphone or tablet into a surprisingly powerful digital microscope. Easy to Use, simple clip the ompact and innovative Phonescope to your smartphone or tablet, activate the camera function, zoom as desired and instantly capture high quality microscopic images and videos. Works with all popular smartphones without scratching the display. Performance: Precision macro lens with up to 60x magnification. Glass lens. Field of view approx. 1/2" (13mm) image resolution and zoom function dependant on smartphone. Numerous applications: Shows finest details on coins, stamps, banknotes, and many other objects. Also suitable as reading aid. Integration: the enlarged details can be saved as a photo or video on your smartphone or tablet and can then be shared instantly with family and friends. Lighthouse#: PHONESCOPE. Size: 1.5x1.75x1.5. 

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