Flat Clinch Stapler- Mini (Black)

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The MAX HD-10FL3 is a flat clinch mini stapler, which staples 2 to 25 sheets with 50% less effort. The flat clinch mechanism bends the staple flat allowing papers to stack neatly and evenly. You can save up to 25% of filing space. The staple closes completely flat eliminating the crimps and curls of conventional stapling. No bent or crushed staples. MAX staplers fasten smooth and flat with no protruding edges that can snag and scratch. Ergonomic styling provides comfortable stapling. Storage for spare staples (maximum 100 staples). This stapler has one touch easy open loading and can load 100 #10 staples. Uses MAX 10-1M or 10-5M. Built-in Staple Remover. Max USA Corp#: HD-10FL3 Black. Color: Black. Sold Individually. Case Qty: 10 .

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