Collecting Rare Coins for Pleasure and Profit: An Insider's Guide to Today's Market

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Now, in this outstanding new book, Bowers-the Dean of American Numismatics-shares 50-plus years of valuable and unique insider's knowledge of the rare-coin market. Who is this book intended for? The educated reader with an interest in collecting rare coins: someone who wants to get started, and just needs some pointers in the right direction. With Bowers's engaging, informative style, it's like sitting down with an old friend-he makes the learning enjoyable; is happy to share stories, experiences, and real-world examples; and gives you his inside-track opinions straight up. Bowers starts with an overview of coin collecting and investing from the early days to today. The past is very interesting, he says, and you will benefit from learning about price trends and market cycles-information that is not easily available elsewhere. Then he discusses how you can be a smart buyer. In nine chapters, you will gain very useful insights on how to maximize your return when you buy rare coins, and to have a good time while doing it. Q. David Bowers. ISBN: 079483406x. Pub Date: 7/1/2011. Edition: 1st. Binding: Softcover. Size: 6 x 0.3 x 8.9 inches. Pages: 144. Case: 12 .

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